Extending the reach of services and educational opportunities to parishes and the community through the ministries of Catholic Charities

Become a Liaison

Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Serve your parish by providing access to and knowledge of Catholic Charities resources.  Learn and share information about Catholic Charities programs. 

•   Assist the pastor in promoting awareness of Catholic Charities to increase participation in services, programs, and events.

•   In times of disaster, serve as point of contact for your parish; Keep Catholic Charities staff informed of parish and community needs in your area.

  • Help keep pastor and parish staff informed about Catholic Charities by connecting Catholic Charities staff to make presentations to parish organizations, boards, and committees.
  • Communicate social service questions in your parish to Catholic Charities.
  • Assist with identification of prospective volunteers and donors to support
  • Help promote programs and activities of Catholic Charities within the parish.
  • Maintain regular communication with Catholic Charities staff; attend/call in quarterly parish liaison meetings whenever possible.

Catholic Charities projects and services.




  • Annual Campaign (August-September)          
  • Annual Christmas A Very Giving Christmas (December)
  • Annual Green Tie Gala (February/March)
  • Annual Meeting (August)
  • Parish Liaison Meetings (Quarterly)