Community Meeting Space


Chickasaw Conference Room

The Chickasaw Nation graciously donated funds to our Capital Campain which allowed us to build a 1,460 sq-ft conference space in our new facility. The room can be split into two separate rooms, north and south. The combined space accommodates up to 65 people.

Video/Audio Teleconferencing capabilities

North: 16.5' x 40' / 660 sq-ft 

Chickasaw Conference Room North

South: 20' x 40' / 800 sq-ft   

Combined: 16.5' x 40' / 1,460 sq-ft 

Table Arrangements Options:

The tables and chairs can easily be rearranged. If you would like a different arrangement, please plan to arrive with plenty of time before your meeting to rearrnage the tables.

Chickasaw Board Room

This room features a board room table with 12 chairs and audio/visual teleconferencing options.

Chickasaw Board Room

Food & Beverage

Invdividual groups are responsible for providing any beverages and/or food.


Sara Dougherty,

Community Engagement Coordinator

Phone: 405.523.3000 x246

Request meeting space information for your group or organization.

Please inform us of any special requests at the time of booking the meeting space.



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