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Health  Approximately 47 million Americans are currently without health care, and many others are underinsured. This statistic is unacceptable, as the Catholic Church believes that health care is a basic human right, and is a matter of life. Every person, no matter their economic status, race, ethnicity, or any other sometimes divisive factors, deserves affordable health care.

The Catholic Church applauds the efforts of the federal government to pass a health care bill that offers affordable health care, and will continue to encourage legislation and implementation that is amenable to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

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Human Trafficking  Today, more than 27 million people are enslaved globally. There are more slaves now than ever in recorded history. The U.S. State Department estimates that 600,000 to 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked across international borders each year. Of this number, approximately 14,500 to 17,500 of them are trafficked into the U.S. annually; one-third of foreign-born trafficking victims are children. In the last several years, many Oklahoman children and women have been rescued from forced prostitution, and many workers who had been lured to the United States by unscrupulous business practices, have been freed from forced labor exploitation, which amounts to nothing less than modern day human slavery.

In a 2009 Palm Sunday address, Pope Benedict XVI called for urgent international action to halt human trafficking. Pope John Paul II described human trafficking as "a shocking offense against human dignity and a grave violation of fundamental human rights." Additionally, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops condemns human trafficking as "a horrific crime against the dignity and rights of the human person" and is committed to working with the government "to end this scourge."

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United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Oklahomans Against the Trafficking of Humans
Trafficking In Persons Report 2012

Migrants and Refugees  Migrants and refugees are among the most vulnerable in the population, due to the circumstances that bring them to emigrate and their unfamiliarity with their new host country, including language, culture, and customs. Migrants and refugees do not emigrate for frivolous reason, but count political or religious persecution and economic hardship among the reasons for leaving. Some are even forced to flee their native countries.

Therefore, the Migration and Refugee Services of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops commits to welcoming every person as if he/she were Christ himself through the following methods:

  • Assisting the bishops in the development and advocacy of policy positions at the national and international levels that address the needs and conditions of these populations.
  • Engaging in educational efforts designed to influence public, particularly Catholic, attitudes toward these populations and to create a welcoming and supportive Church in the United States.
  • Anticipating, providing, and arranging critical services to these populations in collaboration with government, Catholic partners, and other allied organizations.

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