Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What percentage of Catholic Charities expenses are directly related to program services?
A. 90% of all expenses are for program services, the remaining 9% is for supporting services

Q. What is Catholic Charities 2013/14 Annual Appeal Campaign Goal?
A. $2.5 million

Q. What is Catholic Charities?
A. Nationally, Catholic Charities is the largest private provider of social services to children, families, and individuals impacted by poverty. While its mission is based in Catholic Social Teaching, it honors and respects all of the religions and beliefs of the very diverse people it serves. Locally, Catholic Charities is a 100 year old organization that has served thousands of people, including orphans, refugees, widows, disaster victims, and impoverished families needing financial assistance, counseling or other help in coping with issues of poverty, loss, or isolation.

Q. How does Catholic Charities serve?
A. Catholic Charities offers parish-referred counseling services; supportive services to pregnant women; adoption and search and reunification services; immigration legal assistance; resettlement of refugees; limited transitional housing; case management for low-income families. Catholic Charities operates the Sanctuary Women's Development Center and the Holy Familiy Home, providing a safe haven and community resources to Oklahoma City's homeless and low-income women and their children. Through its parish outreach program, Catholic Charities helps organize and train parish leaders and volunteers in serving their community. The agency nurtures and supports the social ministries in every parish. Catholic Charities works with other civic and faith-based service providers to address larger community issues, like homelessness, disaster response and domestic violence. Catholic Charities advocates on legislation and social policy to speak on behalf of the poor and address the causes of social poverty and discrimination.

Q. Where does Catholic Charities serve?
A. Catholic Charities serves throughout the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, which includes all of Central and Western Oklahoma. Besides the Oklahoma City office, there are four out-based regional offices to help support rural outreach: Clinton Regional Office, Enid Regional Office, Guymon Regional Office and Lawton Regional Office.

Q. Why Give to Catholic Charities?
A. The gap between the wealthy and the poor is steadily increasing. There are many people in our community who do not have the basic things required for a decent life: food, housing, health care, jobs, etc. Supporting of our Annual Appeal and our programs assists the people of Oklahoma- our neighbors. The work of Catholic Charities is overseen by a voluntary Board of Directors that helps ensure that money is directed to the areas of greatest need, and that administrative expenses are minimal. Volunteers form a Program Services Committee, which meets each month to analyze the effectiveness and usefulness of Catholic Charities programs within the community. 


15,908  Total clients received services.

3,996  Households received emergency assistance.

132 Clients were assisted in the Adoption and Pregnancy Services Program.

1,042  Persons received counseling through St. Joseph's Counseling Center.

2/3+  Clients served by Catholic Charities have an income of less than $15,000.

53  Women were given shelter at Holy Family Home.

37  Families were residents of Catholic Charities Transitional Housing.

397  Received case management and financial assistance in response to four disasters.

330  Clients received resettlement or other assistance in the Refugee Resettlement Program.

2,600+  Clients were served in the Enid, Clinton, Lawton and Guymon offices.

102  Homeless women moved into housing during calendar year 2012.

2%  Of the funds received from all sources are spent on fundraising.

13%  Of the annual budget is spent in communities served by offices outside the Oklahoma City metro area.

1,098  Food packs were given to hungy clients.

182  Babies were provided with diapers. 


Catholic Charities of Oklahoma City has national accreditation through the Council on Accreditation. Catholic Charities has an on-going process to review and evaluate its programs to maintain the highest standard of service and transparency in administration of programs. Catholic Charities has a 4-star rating in accountability and transparency and a 3-star rating in financials from Charity Navigator, America's largest independent evaluator of charities. This designation from Charity Navigator means Catholic Charities exceeds or meets industry standards and performs as well as or better than most charities in its Cause. If you would like to know more about this award, visit



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