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Adoption Placement Services   If you’re ready to start a family through adoption, we can help. Catholic Charities is a licensed child-placing agency serving the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City (the western 2/3 of Oklahoma). Children placed for adoption are infants who are placed in the custody of Catholic Charities by birth parents who have made an adoption plan for their baby. Catholic Charities provides adoption services regardless of ethnicity or religious preference.

Guidelines for Infant Adoption   To protect the interests of the birth parents and the adoptive couple, no identifying information is released without prior consent. Each applicant must meet the following critera:

  • Residence within the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City (western 2/3 of Oklahoma)
  • Legally married for at least 3 years
  • 24 years of age or older and at least one applicant not to exceed 42 years of age
  • Provide a reference letter from clergy
  • Must have income above the poverty level
  • Discontinuation of infertility treatments prior to beginning of home study

Adoption Process   Adopting a child will involve making many decisions, and the wait can sometimes be lengthy.  Catholic Charities cannot predict the length of the wait, but we will keep you updated with information along the way.  If you choose to adopt through Catholic Charities, you can expect the following steps along the way:

  • Pre-application - The agency selects families from the pre-applications that have been submitted.  Typically, families who have been waiting the longest are selected first.
  • Formal application - This step begins the home study process. References, medical and financial reports must be submitted. Fingerprints, OSBI background checks and DHS child abuse and neglect checks will be done at this time.
  • Adoptive family review - An agency committee reviews applicants who have completed their home study and makes a formal decision regarding approval.
  • Adoptive preparation seminar - Each applicant is required to attend before finalizing an adoption. Meet other adoptive couples and address various topics related to adoption with adoption professionals. 
  • Birth parent review of profiles - Once approved, adoptive parent profiles are presented to birth parents to review and select a home for the baby.  Profiles may be placed online for accessibility to potential birth parents.
  • Placement of child - Each placement is unique. Staff will coordinate each step of the process, informing the adoptive couple along the way. Temporary foster care will be utilized before the borth mother relinquishes her rights.
  • Post-placement supervision - The agency conducts a minimum of three scheduled and/or unscheduled visits within the first six months of placement.
  • Finalization - Typically occurs six months after the adoptive couple receives the child. Adoptive couples are responsible for hiring their own attorney. At this time, the adoptive couple will obtain legal custody of the child. 

Types of Adoption   There are two primary types of adoption – Open and Closed Adoption. Please continue reading for more information about the advantages and disadvantages of each as it relates to the birth parents, the adoptive parents, and the child.

Open Adoption Advantages
Open Adoption Disadvantages

Closed Adoption Advantages
Closed Adoption Disadvantages

Both types of adoption processes are experienced differently by all involved. The most important thing for all parties involved in the adoption process is communication. The more communication about wishes, desires and expectations, the more comfortable each party will be in the adoption process. In a closed adoption, this communication takes place through the adoption agency or adoption attorney.

Fees   Catholic Charities Adoption Services charges fees to adoptive couples to cover costs associated with the adoption process.

  • Birth mother and baby’s medical care
  • Legal fees for the birth parents
  • Counseling for the birth family and adoptive couple
  • Follow-up services for the adoptive family

Post Adoption Services   Catholic Charities has three components in the post adoption services program; non-identifying report, contact registry, and search.  Oklahoma State law does not permit the release of adoption information without a court order from an Oklahoma County judge.  Even with a court order, there are often limits as to what can be released.  You must complete and have the forms notarized, and send three forms of ID with the forms in order for your requests to begin being processed.

Non-Identifying Report – Review the file and provide a report based on the contents of the file without providing any identifying information.

Contact Registry – This is a mutual consent, voluntary registry.  Once both parties (birth parent and adoptee) register, we work with each person to begin establishing communication and contact.

Search – Agency staff attempts to locate a birth parent or the adult adoptee (must be at least 18 years old). The searcher and the person being sought must mutually accept the search program.  If contact is desired, the agency staff works with all parties to begin establishing communication and contact.


"My mother got to meet my Birthmother and her husband, aunts, uncles, and longtime friends. It was a true reunion and one of the most memorable events of my life. As I sat in mass last weekend and reflected on these wonderful experiences, afforded by Catholic Charities' facilitation of both my adoption and eventual reunion, I thanked God for letting my life unfold the way it has."
- Adult Adoptee

"We cannot thank Catholic Charities enough for locating my Birthfather. How quickly this was accomplished and what wonderful friends we now have at Catholic Charities. My life has been blessed with the time my husband and I got to spend with my wonderful Birthfather and the gaining of my two awesome brothers and their families. My life has become more complete- a missing link found- thanks to Catholic Charities."
- Adult Adoptee

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